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Thirty years of passion and baskets

Thirty years of passion and baskets


'30 Years of Passion and Baskets' covers the history of UCAM Murcia CB from its foundation in 1985 until mid-2015. Relive the best moments of basketball in our Region with unpublished images.


It seems that it was yesterday when we saw a certain Randy Owens 'nail' a triple after another without taking his feet off the ground on that old green track of the Prince of Asturias pavilion. That black player who came from the United States and who also blew us away with his dunks, marked the way forward. Then many more arrived and left their mark - Esteban Pérez, Raplh McPherson, Clarence Kea, Nacho Suárez, Julio Torres, Mike Ardenson, Johnny Rogers, Duane Washington, Marcus Fizer, Berni Rodríguez, José Ángel Antelo, Augusto Lima, Raulzinho Neto ... - players who have been writing day by day, season by season, the history of basketball in Murcia in capital letters.

It seems like yesterday, but three decades have passed full of victories, defeats, promotions, relegation, happiness, sadness ... Thirty years of passion and baskets, with more than a thousand games played, which are those that are fulfilled in 2015 with the Universidad Católica de Murcia Club Baloncesto at the top, in an Endesa League in which it rubbed shoulders with clubs that in 1985, when this sporting project was born, which gathered a good handful of feelings about this sport, were seen as a practically unattainable goal.

This book shows precisely that, 'Thirty years of passion and baskets', which they have felt and feel and those that have celebrated and celebrate thousands of people who have made basketball great in this Region and who continue to discharge the adrenaline that only this sport is capable of generating.